How To Mint Doge Punk NFTs

The quickest and easiest way to Mint DogePunks NFTs is via MetaMask. Instructions are below.

  1. Install MetaMask

2. Setup the Binance Smart Chain network

3. Send minimum 0.12 BNB (plus some gas)

4. Head over to – always make sure you are interacting with the right link.

5. Click “Connect Wallet” – making sure to connect to the wallet with BNB.

6. Scroll down and you will find the “Mint” button

7. Enter the number you would like to Mint and click the “Mint” button.

8. A MetaMask notification will popup. Click “Confirm”.

9. You can now scroll down the page and see “Your Good Boys”

10. We highly recommended to change your Auto Rewards to BPRCY. We will do a follow up article for that.