How to register on Coinsbit


First, visit our official website  and you will see our home page as below. Click “Sign up” at the top right corner and the link will direct you to the registration page.

In the registration page, please enter your email address and choose a password and accept the Terms of Service, after that click on SignUp.

You will recieve an email from Coinsbit to verify that your address is correct.
Click on the link provided in the email recieved to Activate your Account.

One your account is veryfied go to the login page and insert your email and password.

2-step authentication: Coinsbit platform has adopted Google Authenticator authentication system. To activate go into your Profile –> Security section.

Google Authentication:


Enable Google Authenticator. 

For IOS and Android users, please enter and search “Google authenticator” in App Store or Play Store, download and install the app.

follow our 2-step authentication guide for authentication settings details.