PRCY Checker

PRCY Checker is an advanced GUI tool to keep track of your Daemons like QT-Wallet, Masternode(s) and Staker(s).
It is written in Java and supported by Windows, Linux, Raspberry PI and Mac.

Features include:

  • Watch over your Daemons like QT-Wallet, Masternode and Stakers.
  • Test for Connections and add Connections when you have less than 3.
  • Test for blockcount and E-mail if the difference is more than 20 from the Explorer
  • Clear banned nodes automatically
  • Easily bootstrap your daemons (QT-Wallet)
  • Run POA for Windows and Linux
  • Watch live Debug information
  • Start/Stop Daemons (QT-Wallet, only Stop)
  • Edit prcycoin.conf and masternode.conf.

Note: To get e-mail messages you have to use a working SMTP Server.

Installation Instructions per OS included in the .pdf attached to download.

Download and discuss in our dedicated channel for it: