PRivaCY Exchanges

Supported PRivaCY Exchanges

We are in contact with several exchanges and are always considering the best options for the project.

Centralized Exchanges - CEX

Decentralized Exchanges - DEX

ERC20 Smart Chain Contract

Binance Smart Chain Contract

SafeSwap (SWAP)

Polygon Contract


Tron Contract


At PRivaCY Coin we believe in efficiency and we like to make your life a bit easier. We have created the opportunity to swap your other coins directly to PRivaCY Coin without the need to sell your other coins first. This is very practical, saves you money, and is hassle free. No need to sell at an exchange to pay theirs fees and/or worry about KYC.
The cares about your privacy, therefore no KYC is needed.
As you can see, Swap any of the coins below for PRCY / bPRCY / pPRCY / tPRCY / wPRCY. All coins have a live connection with the exchanges where they are listed with the most liquidity (in most cases it is Binance, if available), so that an accurate market price is created.



Choose and Swap coins for PRivaCY

Minimum swap accepted varies by coin. Please check the coin you are swapping.

Trading and Exchanges Disclaimer: The exchanges listed above are third-party resources and trading platforms. Please do your own research before using any platform, services, or tools. Trading is done at your own risk. We ask that you consider it a safer choice to store your PRCY Coins in your own wallet than to leave them on an exchange.