What is PoA Mining?

PoA or Proof of Audit is the chain auditing system used.
PoA miners have a responsibility to audit the emissions of the PoS (Proof of Stake) blocks that are produced by the staking nodes on the chain.

Why is this auditing important?

In a system whereby offsite collusion is possible, such as staking chains, the emissions of the chain (staking and masternode rewards) could potentially be altered by bad actors.
Proof of Audit miners have a responsibility to audit the emissions of the blocks in order to ensure that the emissions are as expected.
This allows the chain to verify that there are no offsite colluders who are attempting to force higher emissions or to force emissions to be paid out to specific addresses.

How do I run a PoA Miner?

PoA miners require no collateral in order to run. All that is required is a desktop wallet that is synchronized with the blockchain and the PoA miner application.
Some setup is required in terms of allowing the 2 applications to talk to each other, but once that is complete, the PoA miner will run and attempt to mine the next PoA block.

Hash rate and rewards.

PoA mining, just like PoW mining is hash rate based. This means that the miner with the highest hash rate will win the race to produce the next PoA block in the chain.

A PoA miner that successfully mints a PoA block is awarded 0,5 PRCY per audited block with the minimum number of blocks to be audited being 59 to a maximum of 120.

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