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Desktop ©PRCY Coin Wallet

Below you will find the most recent version of our wallets. For updates please subscribe to the Telegram Update channel.

Latest Stable Version

PRCY Wallet for Windows 10

Win 64bitWin 32bit

 PRCY Wallet for Linux aarch64

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 PRCY Wallet for Linux x86

Ubuntu 18.04+AppImage

Other PRCY Wallets

Unsupported versions

PRCY Wallet for Mac

Mojave and higher

PRCY Wallet for Raspberry-pi

Arm 32

©PRCY Coin Webwallet

Use the web version of our wallet, it's mobile friendly so you can easily access through your phone from everywhere. *

©PRCY Coin Mobile Wallets

If you Stake PRCY or run a Masternode please remember that due to the the number of UTXOs and rewards, it could take a long time to load these wallets on mobile.
We strongly recommend creating a new wallet and sending your spendable amount for easier usage and faster syncing.

Native Mobile Wallet

3rd Parties Mobile Wallet

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Wrapped ©PRCY Coin Wallets

If you bought or are planning to buy wrapped PRCY on DEX where bPRCY and wPRCY are listed, you can store them on the following wallets.
An "How To" guide is available in our Knowledge Base

*Our webwallet intellectual property has been registered by Protect My Work.

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