This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • October 2020

    Idea of PRivaCY Coin is born

  • November 2020

    Team organization

  • December 2020

    Build and launch of blockchain
    Funding war chest
    Introduce Retention Plan

  • Q1.2021

    Open Community
    QT Wallet release
    Stex exchange listing
    Hotbit exchange listing
    SWFT exchange/wallet listing

  • Q2.2021

    QT UX/UI wallet improvements
    Web Wallet release
    Mobile Wallet development
    Whitepaper release exchange listing
    On-Boarding new Developers
    Wrapped PRCY (wPRCY) on Ethereum
    Wrapped PRCY (bPRCY ) on Binance Smart Chain

  • Q3.2021

    Marketing campaign
    Airdrop to 20,000 users
    Partnership development R&D – (POS service provider, Tips system for messaging app)
    Native Mobile Wallet release

  • Q4.2021

    Wrapped PRCY on additional chains

    • Polygon (pPRCY)
    • Tron (tPRCY)

  • January 2022

    Wrapped PRCY (bPRCY) listed on Incognito

  • February 2022

    Xeggex exchange listing – including Wrapped PRCY
    Wrapped PRCY (pPRCY, wPRCY) listed on Incognito

  • March 2022

    Wrapped PRCY (bPRCY) listed on JustMoney.Exchange
    CryptoCurrencyCheckout integration
    Web Wallet update – minor PrivacyDex integration

  • April 2022

    Hard Fork to change Ring Size from 11-15 to 27-32

  • 2022

    Expanding privacy use case partnerships
    Tier 1 exchange listing
    Wrapped PRCY on additional chains
    Smart contracts on a full privacy chain (R&D)
    NFTs on full privacy chain (R&D)