How to add Wrapped PRCY (wPRCY/bPRCY) to Trust Wallet

  1. Install Trust Wallet

Apple IOSAndroid

2. Launch the wallet, run through the setup, until you end up at the main wallet screen. Click the icon on the top right, beside “Collectibles”

3. Search for PRCY and it will currently show “No assets found” – click “Add Custom Token”

4. On the next screen, you will have the option to select “Network”. Leave it on “Ethereum” for wPRCY or switch to “Smart Chain” for bPRCY

5. Enter the Contract Address0xdfc3829b127761a3218bfcee7fc92e1232c9d116
Note: the contract address is the same on both Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain networks. Always double check this!

  1. You should now have Wrapped PRCY on your wallet screen as below and can send/receive Wrapped PRCY.
    Note: Sending on these networks will require some ETH/BNB as GAS fee.