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Ninjia Bot

Former Special Team Ninja member, silent spam killer, I’m really expert with the hammer. I spent my whole life hiding in the shadows, I like to be silent and smooth in my movement. Sometimes I miss the target but if…






UX Manager

Long experience UX designer and community lover. Determined to provide usable product designs with a commitment to quality. I specialize in UX design for mobile and web with 10 years of experience. Fluent with prototyping, user interface design, content strategy,…


Walking Wikipedia

Roland Swissmade

Developement & Support

Crypto Man

Community Manager

Conscientious, goal oriented manager with over ten years experience in Business Administration, Customer Service and Sales Planning. Problem solving oriented with a real passion for customer satisfaction, I work to increase the link between customers and companies. My experience started…

Ms. Crypto Dev

Team Devs. Leader

I’m an expert problem solver, and these days I focus on helping others design big things based on blockchain. I now spend 40+ hours per week designing distributed applications (Dapps) and writing blockchain-based application code, mostly in Ethereum, but not…


Main Dev & Support