Dear PRivaCY Family,

Whoever has a birthday treats his guests, 🎂🎊🎉🥳 so we also try to achieve a nice end to the year.

We are releasing and re-establishing the $5.50 retention with immediate effect, today is December 21st, the new retention plan is $1,221 * But with the $5.50 benefits. 🥂🎁

I think we have created something very beautiful in PRivaCY crypto space.

Our developers are busy with the Ring Size, and we get a lot of help from volunteers in the testnet channel. Ring Size up to 29. more PRivaCY than Monero #RaiseTheRingSize

We would like to thank 🙏 all team members who have committed themselves day and night to PRivaCY and certainly all our members. without you we would not have existed. !

We all want to get up, so share the news, spread the PRivaCY message.
You determine the price of $PRCY yourself..

Thank you on behalf of the entire PRivaCY Team