Dear PRCY Community,
We would like to share with you the first milestone of the retention plan.
First milestone of the retention plan: if the price of 1 PRCY coin in the USDT pair at Hotbit is equal or higher than 0.12 USD at the last day of February 2021, the milestone is reached. If the price is below 0.12 USDT, the snapshot time to check if the 0.12 USDT is reached shifts to the last day of
March 2021 and so on.

The reward for the first milestone is 1,750 PRCY coins, it is valued approximately at 210 USDT at the time of writing. You can collect your reward by answering the Retention Bot questions first.

Keep in mind you need to have 5,000 PRCY transferred to the Retention Wallet before the deadline.

The deadline to complete the Retention Bot process and transfer your 5,000 PRCY is the 3rd of March 2021 EOD CET. On March 4th we will return your 5,000 PRCY including the bonus to you.

Not complying to these conditions means you cannot collect the reward.
We hope in this way to reward and to retain our community, the other goal is to welcome more investors to the PRCY family.

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