Attention all PRivaCY Coin enthusiasts!

PRivaCY Coin ($PRCY) is thrilled to announce that we are testing all functions necessary to run a daemon on a VPS Linux server from a Windows client. Plus, we have an exciting new addition to our toolkit: the #PRCY Toolkit!

The PRCY Toolkit is an advanced GUI tool that is designed to keep track of your daemons, including QT-Wallet, Masternode(s), and Staker(s). It is written in Java and is supported by Windows, Linux, Raspberry PI, and Mac. With the PRCY Toolkit, you can monitor your daemons, test for connections, and add connections when you have less than three. You can even check blockcount and receive an email notification if the difference is more than 20 blocks from the explorer.

In addition, the PRCY Toolkit allows you to automatically clear banned nodes and easily bootstrap your daemons (QT-Wallet). You can run POA for Windows and Linux, watch live debug information, and start/stop daemons with ease. Plus, you can even edit prcycoin.conf and masternode.conf directly from the PRCY Toolkit.

We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to the hardworking developers behind PRivaCY Coin and the PRCY Toolkit. Your dedication and expertise have made it possible for us to offer these cutting-edge tools to our community. We appreciate your tireless efforts and commitment to excellence. We would also like to extend a massive thanks to Roland [Swissmade] ❤️, whose contributions to the #PRCY project have been invaluable. Your support and guidance have been instrumental in helping us reach new heights, and we are grateful for your partnership.

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