Dear #PRCY community

We are proud to present our updated retention plan and everybody can join

Retention plan

We have made a plan to reward each participating #PRCY member once we have reached a growth milestone at the last day of the month. The milestone growth number for 2021 is X sats each month. We will update this number each year.

May 2021: listing price + X sats ( $0.12) Confirmed 31 May, 00.00 hour
June 2021: listing price + (2 * X sats)
July 2021: listing price + (3 * X sats)

Each time the growth milestone is reached you can collect your retention plan reward.

First milestone of the retention plan: if the price of 1 #PRCY coin in the USDT pair at TXbit is equal or higher than 0.12 USD at the last day of May 2021, the milestone is reached. If the price is below 0.12 USDT, the snapshot time to check if the 0.12 USDT is reached shifts to the last day of June 2021 and so on.