How to use Polarity.Exchange

Polarity.Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange – With low fees, no-KYC and no withdrawal limits, that operates the cutting-edge decentralized exchange.

Step One: Creating your First Account

Step one is creating your first verified Polarity.Security email account, setting up and securing your vault with a backup phrase & Turtle Network wallet/address. Once this is done you should land on the Polarity.Exchange dashboard and be ready to make your first deposit.

  1. Go to Polarity.Exchange and click on Get Started
  2. Select Polarity Account
  3. Select Register a new user
  4. Fill the requested informations
  5. Confirm the email in your inbox
  6. Now select Polarity Vault
  7. Create your Polarity Wallet
  8. Give your wallet a name
  9. Complete the procedure creating a Vault

Step Two: Making a Deposit

Once on the dashboard, you simply need to go to the deposit tab where you will see the list of available currencies for deposit. Pick the one you plan to use and follow the instructions given to you on screen.

Step Three: Making your First Trade

Once your deposit transaction has reached the needed amount of confirmations, you should be able to see your new balance on the dashboard/portfolio page (for any issues please email [email protected]). Now you can move over to the exchange tab where you will make your first trade on Polarity.Exchange. Our decentralized exchange runs on the base pair of Usdt, which means if you wanna trade your Bitcoin for Privacy Coin you need to first sell your $BTC for $USDT then buy $PRCY with the $USDT.

If you made it this far congratulations you now have your very first military-grade Decentralized Exchange Wallet!