Which is more profitable: Stake, Masternode or PoA?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our community members.

This is at the same time a very difficult and very easy answer; so let start with simply defining the PRCY chain.

PRCY is a hybrid chain with mining POA based on proof of work and staking/mn based on proof of stake; the proof of stake chain needs both masternodes and staking nodes to function properly.

POA checks the amount of staking and masternode rewards.

Which is more profitable of the two is not so easy to calculate, because the reward depends on how many masternodes, PoA miners, and staking nodes are available at a specific moment.

As you can imagine, this number changes in order to maintain balance between the two.

For example, if there are 200 staking nodes and 5 masternodes, in this instance it would be more profitable to run a new masternode. However, if you invert the ratio between staking nodes and masternodes, in this instance, it would be more profitable to run a staking node.

The system reward is designed to operate in a way that provides maximum profitability depending on the requirement of the chain at that moment in time.