PoA Miner Guide

Credits and thanks to our community member and tester @Pjoitr for this video
Please note that your wallet needs to be synced and running to mine
  1. Create a folder and name it as PoA Miner.
  2. Download prcycoin-poa-minerd from https://github.com/PRCYCoin/POA-Miner/releases/tag/2.5.1 .
  3. Extract the downloads into the PoA Miner folder.
  4. Create your own or download the sample poa_miner_configuration.json file below. Place in the same PoA Miner folder.
  5. Edit poa_miner_configuration.json in a text editor:
    – Change the admin:admin123$ to match your RPC user and RPC password from prcycoin.conf (note the : separating the username and password)
    – Change the # of threads to the amount of threads you would like to use (number of CPU-cores can be used as reference)
  6. Make sure you also have this in your prcycoin.conf:
  7. Run the command below in Command Prompt or Terminal.
prcycoin-poa-minerd.exe --config=poa_miner_configuration.json


prcycoin-poa-minerd.exe -c poa_miner_configuration.json
chmod +x prcycoin-poa-minerd
./prcycoin-poa-minerd --config=poa_miner_configuration.json

You can download .bat and .json sample files below:

For any support and discussions you can join the Telegram PRCY Miners group