How To Swap Using

  1. Head over to, where you will be met with a similar screen to below.

2. Search for or scroll to the coin you are looking for. The current list of supported coins is here: We will use BTC as an example.

3. Select the coin you are swapping from by either clicking the row or the green arrow.

4. Next, you will see a screen like this. Enter your PRCY or Wrapped PRCY address and click Next.

5. Send the coin you are swapping, in this case BTC, to the address displayed on the next screen. Please note: Do not send to the exact address in the screenshot below. This is a test PRCY address so any BTC sent to be converted will arrive at this address.

6. Wait a certain number of confirmations and your PRCY will automatically be sent to the address you provided.
For BTC, 2 confirmations are required. For all other coins, it is 30 confirmations.