How to add nodes from Explorer?

Sometimes could happen you find that you have 0 connections in your wallet.
As we already have seen how to manage this situation in another article, we can add more nodes to our configuration file.

  1. Go to
  2. From the top of the page click on Network
  1. Click on the “Add Nodes” button
  1. Copy the list of records shown
  1. Close your wallet
  2. Open your prcycoin.conf file
    • Windows location: Go to your appdata folder. An easy way to get there is by opening a windows explorer window, clicking the address bar and typing this: %appdata%
    • Mac location: The PRCYcoin folder is located in /Library/Application Support/PRCYcoin
  3. Paste the list of nodes here removing all the “:port” part
    • the previous copied list has to looks like this
  1. Save the file and restart your wallet