My coin are missing, what can I do?

Your coins aren’t missing. They can only be where they were, or where they were sent to. There are a few reasons why they aren’t appearing in your wallet or an exchange or service provider’s wallet. While it may be scary, they can be found with a few questions.

I bootstrapped and now they’re gone!

Run this command in the console, replacing <#> with the desired block number. If you don’t know the block number where you received your first transaction, use 1 to scan all blocks
rescanwallettransactions <#>

I recovered with my mnemonic phrase and now they’re gone!

In the wallet repair tab of the console — use the “Rescan Blockchain Files” button or you can use the “rescanwallettransactions 1” stated above.

I sent from my wallet to a service and they aren’t there! or I sent from a service to my wallet and they aren’t there!

First, check if you are on a fork. If you are, you will need to bootstrap, or invalidate the forked block. Then, if wallet to service, resend the transaction. If service to wallet, rescan recent blocks. If neither method worked, contact an admin.

I sent from a service to a service and they aren’t there!

In this case, the PRCY team has limited ability for troubleshooting. Contact an admin immediately so we can double check if the services are on a fork, and send the transaction hash for the service to check.