How to apply bootstrap?

Credit to @Pjoitr from our Community

In the event your wallet got stuck on an incorrect block count such as because of a fork or for any other reason, you can install the bootstrap.

Please note that the bootstrap is only intended for wallets that are stuck at a certain block or an older block than the rest of the chain.

So if your wallet is already properly synced you should not use the bootstrap.

Let’s get started!

So, what is a bootstrap?

A bootstrap contains a set of files that help your wallet to pre-load the blockchain to a certain block-height.

This way your wallet can skip having to download all those blocks itself.

  1. Make sure you have already written down your 24-word mnemonic phrase. Once done, close your wallet.
  2. Windows: Go to your appdata folder. An easy way to get there is by opening a windows explorer window, clicking the address bar and typing this: %appdata%
  3. MAC: The PRCYcoin folder is located in /Library/Application Support/PRCYcoin
  4. Hit enter. This will then bring you to the folder where your PRCYcoin folder is located. Open your PRCYcoin folder.
  5. In your PRCYcoin folder, you will find your wallet.dat file. First make a backup of this file by copying it to a safe location, Such as on 1 or more USB-drives for example.
  6. You can then do the following: Delete the folders named: “blocks”, “chainstate” and if available also “database”.
  7. Download the bootstrap here:
  8. Download file
  9. Extract the downloaded .zip file(s) and place the folders in your PRCYcoin data folder.
  10. Start your wallet. VERY IMPORTANT: it may look as if your wallet is not loading, but it’s actually rebuilding the database in the background. This can take anywhere from several minutes up to several hours.
  11. Make sure NOT to close the wallet or try to use it as that will likely crash it. Just leave the wallet alone until it is fully done loading. Also after entering your password when the wallet asks for it, it will look frozen again but it’s not, so don’t touch it!

Once your wallet has fully loaded it will continue syncing the last bit to reach the current block height.

You can check what the current block height is by looking at the explorer:

And that’s it!

If all goes well, this should now fix the problem and let your wallet sync to the current block. If for some reason it did not work, simply repeat the process.