How to install PRCY QT-wallet on Mac?

Apple installation

  1. Download installation file
  2. Open prcycoin-v1 in download folder
    1. If you experience problem opening file please verify your MacOS Gatekeeper configuration
  3. Drag the prcy icon to the Applications folder
  4. Then click on the prcy icon to start the installation
  5. It is possible that the Macbook is indicating that the file cannot be opened because the developer of the file is unknown. Then you go to system preferences – security & security – general, then click on ‘open anyway’ at the bottom
  6. Follow the wizard which will guide you through the installation.
  7. Your QT-Wallet will be installed in the Applications  folder

Open the Wallet

  1. Open the  Application folder
  2. Double click the file PRCYcoin-QT  to open the PRCY Wallet.
  3. The wallet will ask you to create an new account. Select, create the new account and click next.
  4. You will be ask to create a passphrase ( Password ) you have to type this twice and click next.
  5. Once Account and Passwords are created, the wallet will start scanning blocks. Wait till all blocks are scanned.

VERY IMPORTANT: Write down your seed words.

Seeds are 24 words which are needed to recover your wallet once you forgot your username and password.

  1. In the wallet click “settings” button in the left menu of the wallet
  2. Select the button “Show seed phrase”.
  3. After entering your password, your 24 seed words are shown.
  4. Press the copy button and paste this in a text file, or write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere only you can find.