How to recover wallet with 24 seed phrase?

  1. Ensure your wallet is closed.
  2. Navigate to your appdata folder:
    a. Windows: Go to your appdata folder. An easy way to get there is by opening a windows explorer window, clicking the address bar and typing this: %appdata%
    b. Macintosh: The PRCYcoin folder is located in /Library/Application Support/PRCYcoin
  3. Rename your wallet.dat to wallet.backup.dat.
  4. Start the wallet.
  5. Click on Recover from a mnemonic phrase (ensure dot is purple)
  6. Enter your 24 word mnemonic phrase exactly. No extra space at the begin or end, and only one space between words. All words are lower case.
  7. Enter your preffered passcode.
  8. After it fully opens, your full balance may not appear. DO NOT PANIC! This is expected.
  9. Go to your debug console (F1 or Fn+F1) and enter: rescanwallettransactions 1
  10. This could take several hours. So please just leave it alone and let it work. It may also appear to get stuck on 99%. Just leave it alone and let if finish!