How can I stake?

PRCY gives you the opportunity to earn passive income.

You can choose to stake by:

  • Staking with your desktop wallet
  • Staking via StackofStake platform
  • Staking bPRCY via SafeSwap platform

In order to stake on the Desktop Wallet you need to:

  1. Have a working desktop wallet
  2. Hold in your wallet a minimum of 2500 PRCY
  3. Keep your wallet always on and connected to the internet

Once these requirements are satisfied you have to activate staking.
Go to “Settings”

From this screen, activate staking by toggling “Staking Mode” from “Off” to “On”

Enjoy your passive income!

Please Note: when you stop staking it needs 100 confirmations before your staked coins are returned to spendable.