How to update QT-Wallet?

Periodically PRCY Developement Team release new update for the QT-wallet. This brings improvements and new features with it.

The procedure to update your wallet is very easy.

Update procedure

Updating your wallet is a simple and secure procedure, but in the rare case something goes wrong is better to be ready.

  1. Backup your wallet
    • close your wallet if open
    • go to your prcycoin folder (Folder location on MacPC) and copy the wallet.dat file in a safe place
  2. Download the latest version of wallet from PRCY coin Github repository
  3. Extract the prcycoin-qt file
  4. Replace old prcycoin-qt file in your installation folder
  5. Restart your wallet

If your are experiencing any issue after update here some hints:

  • 0 Connections:
    • wait few minutes
    • open console and type clearbanned
    • consider to addnode in your config file a guide is available here
  • wallet crash:
    • close your wallet
    • go to your prcycoin folder (Folder location on MacPC)
    • rename wallet.dat in old-wallet.dat
    • open backup folder
    • copy an older version of your wallet
    • paste it in prcycoin folder
    • rename it in wallet.dat

For any other issue please refer to our support channel