How to install PRCY QT-wallet on Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry PI Installation assume Raspberry Pi OS is installed.

Download and preparation

  1. Download installation file ARM32
  2. Create a folder named prcy-wallet under /home/pi/
  3. Create a folder named prcy-data on a place you want to keep the data (Preferable on a ssd, else/home/pi/)
  4. Open the folder /home/pi/prcy-wallet (keep open)
  5. Select file in /home/pi/downloads/ and with the right mouse button select Extract Here.
  6. You will get 4 files. Select all 4 files and with the right mouse button, Cut and Paste them in the folder /home/pi/prcy-wallet

Install PRCY wallet

  1. Open the terminal
  2. Fill in: cd prcy-wallet
  3. Fill in: sudo chmod +x *

Opening the PRCY Wallet

  1. Open the wallet with: ./prcycoin-qt -datadir=/media/pi/prcy-data(Or the folder created in step 3) Follow the wizard which will guide you through the installation.
  2. The wallet will ask you to create a new account. Select, create the new account and click next.
  3. You will be ask to create a passphrase ( Password ) you have to type this twice and click next.
  4. Once Account and Passwords are created, the wallet will start syncing blocks. Wait until all blocks are synced.

VERY IMPORTANT: Write down your seed words.

Seeds are 24 words which are needed to recover your wallet once you forget your username and password.

  1. In the wallet click “settings” button in the left menu of the wallet.
  2. Select the button “Show seed phrase”.
  3. After entering your password, your 24 seed words are shown.
  4. Press the copy button and paste these in a text file, or write it down on a piece of paper and put itsomewhere safe.
  5. Keep the piece of paper or the file (e.g. on a USB stick) on a safe place only you can find. !!Never keep the file on your PC!!