Ninjia Bot

Former Special Team Ninja member, silent spam killer, I’m really expert with the hammer. I spent my whole life hiding in the shadows, I like to be silent and smooth in my movement. Sometimes I miss the target but if…

Roland Swissmade

Developement & Support




Main Dev & Support

Crypto Man

Community Manager

Conscientious, goal oriented manager with over ten years experience in Business Administration, Customer Service and Sales Planning. Problem solving oriented with a real passion for customer satisfaction, I work to increase the link between customers and companies. My experience started…


UX Manager

Long experience UX designer and community lover. Determined to provide usable product designs with a commitment to quality. I specialize in UX design for mobile and web with 10 years of experience. Fluent with prototyping, user interface design, content strategy,…


Business Development & Dev support

Developer for passion and Business manager for work i enjoy to make ideas into real projects. I was born with a creative thinking but I grew up studying the analytical approach to every problem I needed to solve. This improved…

Nucoin One

Ambassador & Advisor

Business analyst successfull at responding shifting business needs and priorities in systematic and effective way. Over the past 15 years I’ve gained in depth experience in both financial analysis and budget management. Beside creating new and more efficient financial models…


Business Developer

Astute business operations manager focused on supporting cross-functionals teams to increase customers satisfactions through process improvements. Respectfull and respected professional with exceptional knowledge of developement of strategic plans for service excellence. I act devising , deploying and monitoring all the…