Dear Community

We would like to share wonderful news. The DAPS coin blockchain (open source) underwent a code fork late 2020. This resulted in a new coin, called PRCY.

About PRCY

PRCY is a privacy blockchain which is secure, scalable and contains the ultimate privacy features. PRCY is a fully anonymous staking coin and payment system. PRCY contains superior privacy technology like Bulletproof, Haprocates Protocol, mandatory stealth addresses and transactions, RingCT & Ring Signatures in a staking chain. With PRCY it is possible to stake, run masternodes and mine PoA blocks.

Code Fork

PRCY code fork is done to secure the continuity of the superior technology and to provide 100% privacy to its community. Team PRCY is busy with a voluntary contingency plan for DAPS investors, so stay tuned.

Privacy is your right

The team of PRCY is determined to succeed in their mission. PRCY values privacy as a human fundamental right, and therefore privacy belongs to the PRCY community.


The team of PRCY solves the trust issue of privacy coins and their management as follows. Thecommunity will get access to view the number of the PRCY project coins and their actions. Each quarter the team explains their actions and displays their project balance of coins. Upfront the allocation is published as a starting point.


The team of PRCY is working hard to list PRCY at exchanges for trading in multiple pairs. In the weeks to come PRCY will share an announcement concerning the first listing.

Wallet PRCY

You can download the web wallet from the PRCY website, soon available.

Work in progress

The team of PRCY has decided to announce the launch of PRCY, although a lot of work still needs to be done, like whitepaper or our 2021 roadmap.

Incentive programs

An incentive program will be created, we need your help to become successful and to learn and improve. Help PRCY and you will be rewarded.