Dear PRivaCY Family,

The time has come to release our v2.0 with the Ring Size update to 27-32.
Downloads are available at: /

A shortened list of changes are listed immediately below, with the full list following it:

Mandatory update notes:

  • Hard Fork at Block 750,000 to adjust the Ring Size – MUST be updated by this block

QT/Visual Changes

  • Add Qt Directory location
  • Add PRCY Checker Menu Item
  • Fix “All Types” Dropdown on History tab
  • Add Check For Updates at Startup
  • Set Web Wallet Theme as default for new users
  • Fix dummy balance on Send tab
  • New Privacy Settings
  • Hide Balance when unlocked for Staking
  • Lock “Send”tab when unlocked for Staking
  • Add generateintegratedaddress button
  • Add PaymentID to revealtxdialog Dialog
  • Add Ring Size to revealtxdialog Dialog
  • Add “Payment to yourself” to History dropdown
  • Add Generated Integrated Address to dropdown on “Receive” tab
  • Add option to open TXID in Explorer
  • Rename FAQ to Knowledge Base and fix link
  • Request Payment/Integrated Address updates
  • Only show notifications when synced to prevent spam
  • Use Stealth Address instead of URI for Request Payment QR Code
  • Fix address copying on small screens
  • Add Alternative Currency Value – USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, BTC, ETH, XAU, XAG

RPC Changes/Additions

  • Add getlastpoa* (block, hash, height, time, posauditedblock)
  • Don’t allow backupwallet to overwrite the wallet-in-use (from Upstream)
  • Add logging RPC (from Upstream)
  • Add validatestealthaddress (to validate a Stealth Address)
  • Add sendalltostealthaddress (to send all to a Stealth Address)
  • Rework addnode behaviour (from Upstream)
  • Add listtransactionsbypaymentid (to list all payments to a specific Integrated Address)

Along with a large variety of Upstream backports and fixes, a full list can be viewed at:…