Dear Community,

It is with great pleasure that we announce a Masternode partnership between Higlan and PRCY.

It is exciting to see how you could earn passive income with running cryptocurrency masternodes. While you might assume that mining or staking is an essential part of making money, you could also get something by working with a masternode. Running a masternode is effective, but it is also great when you’re trying to produce passive income. This point is where the work of Higlan comes in handy.

The PRCY Masternode system is modeled after the PIVX Masternode system. The system is known to have many bonuses, and contains features like preventing a 51% attack unless both Proof-Of-Stake and Masternode layers are compromised simultaneously.
The See-Saw Balance Reward System has a 60/40 MN/PoS reward split balancing to a maximum of 40/60 MN/PoS reward split. This gives a fair reward to PRCY investors.
You need to have 5,000 PRCY as collateral to run 1 masternode. To help you with the setup a masternode guide will be published soon on the website.

To celebrate this new partnership and to kick off this new collaboration between Higlan and PRCY, the first 200 masternodes (max 1 mn per person) will be sponsored by our PRCY angel. Please refer to the Higlan and PRCY gift voucher.

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