Dear PRCY Family,

Effective immediately we have decided to delist wrapped WXEQ Equilibria in our
reason, the Equilibria 💩bridge has been down for three weeks and the lack of development there to fix it.

Last week there were a couple of Equilibria swaps, which are technically not price responsible for us as a team to allow that, we then have to sell them on Uniswap at a lower price.

We therefore advise you to no longer send WXEQ to, for example, a stored address of the DEX.
it can take a week before you have them back at all, if we can do that. Use of old addresses is also 100% at your own risk

But, there is also some good news,🎉🌲 we are now seriously discussing with the developers what our options are to open the o two sides, so Buy PRCY….. and Sell PRCY (or the wrapped PRCY variants for any coin listed there…)

These conversations are more serious than the previous ones, I don’t promise anything yet, but as you know about us, when we start something it has to be good.