Dear # PRCY community,

We are proud to present our second milestone of our retention plan. We have crushed the first milestone with force and we have grown a lot in attention and more community members joined the PRCY family.

We have the feeling we will move to a hyper growth this year in all means related to PRCY. The retention plan will be adopted to the new reality of a large number of diversified types of investors and based on the eagerness to fulfil our roadmap action points.
To give more investors (small and large) the opportunity to join the retention plan, a plan will be presented with different sizes of holding of PRCY coins and their reward.

Snapshot will be taken, June 30. 00:00 GMT

Please keep in mind, you can only participate once, fraud means no reward for you.

Milestone 2 : price is set at minimum 1.25 USD at our most liquid market at that moment (currently TxBit)

Nr of PRCY HoldingReward in %
12,5007.50 %