Dear #PRCY Family,

As promised hereby the new Wallet version

A special thanks to @lyricidal@lopeed@Roland_Swissmade :pray: for fixing the PoA. They did 34845 tests versions, till deep in the night, and they were almost banned from Github due to the number of test builds, so a big round of applause for the developers.

Change Log:

* Autocombinedust fixes
* Ban old versions as of Friday, March 26, 2021 12:00:00 AM (GMT)
* Better logging on init for Masternode outputs in debug.log [Upstream]
* Fixing a few shutdown problems [Upstream]
* [BugFix] Shutdown, stop threadGroup before dump data to disk. #39 [Upstream]
* [Node] Replace IsSuperMajority with height checks – [Upstream]
* Chainparams & empty/unused function cleanup
* [Net] Use SeedSpec6’s rather than CAddress’s for fixed seeds – [Upstream]
* Syncing fix
* PoA Fixes ©
* Difficulty adjusted
* Added some padding to
* PoA can be mined as of Friday, March 26, 2021 12:00:00 AM (GMT)

Build Related:
* Added versions to GitHub Actions – [9dd7bc5](

How To: for update new wallet.

Download the new wallet, version version
– Delete all files in PRCYcoin folder, except prcycoin.conf
– Overwrite the prcycoin-qt file with the new build you just downloaded
– Open the wallet, and if you want your old wallet address back it is recommended to use your 24 Word Seed Phrase.