Dear #PRCY Family,

We have some nice updates in regards to our Xeggex listing.

First, thanks to Karl, our users can now deposit and withdraw Wrapped versions of PRCY (excluding pPRCY, as Polygon/Polygon assets are not currently listed).

This means you can deposit/trade/withdraw almost any version of PRCY on their exchange, KYC free. Of course this still remains an option via our PRivaCY Dex, but as usual we like to provide options.

Second, for those interested in different trading markets, they offer Liquidity Pools with a number already created by other users. The Pools, along with all markets, can be viewed here: You can also create your own PRCY pool paired with any coins listed on Xeggex here:

Xeggex is one of the only exchanges we are aware of that you can request to have your account/info deleted, so keep that in mind if it might be useful to you.

We thank them and look forward to continued expansion of liquidity and market options.