How many daily rewards can I get running Masternodes?

PRCY blockchain reserves 1 PRCY coin as reward on each block minted.
The 1 PRCY coin reward is split between a staking wallet and a masternode. The share is based on the See-Saw protocol, that allocates 60/40 of the rewards, so they will be 0,4 PRCY and 0,6 PRCY every block – depending on the number of stakers and number of Masternodes.

The frequency a masternode get its reward is calculated on the amount of actual masternodes running.

The rewards are given on a round robin logic.

To calculate the frequency you need to know the number of masternodes active. You know that daily 1440 blocks are minted. So to calculation you have to do is simple

1440(daily blocks)/(Total number of masternode active)=X (daily frequency)
Assume we have 3000 masternodes active so: 1440/3000=0.48 rewards per day, so an average of 1 rewards every 2 days.

Consider that this value is on a monthly base average.