Wallet Update Reminder: Mandatory

There is a new wallet out, version please download from Github or our Wallet section and update your wallet, it will help to make the chain stable.

Change Log

  • Soft Fork at block 120k –
    • Difficulty adjustment
    • Updated rewards ratio to be more granular
  • Initial CLTV/BIP65 support (upgrade to Block Version 5)
  • Use Spendable balance when checking Masternode controller Staking Status
  • Fix staking status with setgenerate
  • Optimize setgenerate staking status
  • Added fees to nAutoCombineThreshold when doing a Sweeping TX
  • Adjust stake split for less dust
  • Updated logging to show proper value when consolidating
  • Trim Recovery Phrase if entered incorrectly (extra spaces at end)
  • Show Mnemonic Phrase after wallet creation
  • [Net] Update hard-coded fallback seeds
  • Update msgBox for on_EnableStaking
  • Addition of autoconsolidate/autoconsolidatetime/combinedust to .conf file


  • Remove OpenSSL Cleanse -> BoringSSL Cleanse
  • [wallet] Securely erase potentially sensitive keys/values
  • [Refactor] Remove begin/end_ptr functions
  • [Net] Relay actual peers instead of localhost on getaddr

Any help needed, come to https://t.me/prcySupport

Thanks for your attention.